Woodward Townhomes

Location: Chestnut Hill, PA
Area: 7650 Sq. Ft.
Number of Modules: 24
Owner/Client: Woodward Properties
Construction Time: 4 months

Built only in a few months, Woodward Townhomes achieved LEED for Homes Platinum Certification. Its objective was to turn a vacant site in an urban area into a walkable neighbourhood using environmentally-friendly building processes.

Other features include:

  • R-30 wall insulation, including bio based foam, resulting in a 44% more energy efficient house than a typical development
  • Continuous insulation on the exterior to minimize thermal breaks
  • Use of environmentally preferred products with a high recycled content and/or rapidly renewable materials
  • Ground coupled heat/cooling pumps in combination with a short run ducted system and energy recovering unit to optimize energy consumption for heating and cooling
  • High efficiency plumbing fixtures for showers and sinks to reduce water and energy use
  • Collection of rainwater for use in irrigation and landscaping
  • Filtration system┬áto minimize indoor air pollution
  • Written durability plan and third party inspection to secure the quality of construction
  • 40% fly ash (a waste product) was used in concrete to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Lush, native landscaping plan with rain gardens for on-site storm water management
  • Durable exterior materials that reflect and respect the existing surroundings of Chestnut Hill